Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Good Evening to all ....what a beautiful day it was.

Barry's Salt Water Tank

(Thought this might be neat to blog.)

The tank is approx. 135 gallons. It is home to many fish and anemones.
We even have a Seabay clownfish that sleeps inside of one of the anemones.
There are Hermit Crabs but you must wait for them to come out when the
lights go off.

If you look close to the picture in the right hand corner you can see one of the fish hiding from the camera. The fish are very colorful and are neat to watch.....and to see the places they can hide or how they protected themselves from being ate.
We also have two fresh water tanks (72 gallons) here are a couple pictures of those fish. Stop by and take a're always welcome.


Being Mrs Miles said...

This is VERY interesting Jud - you folks put a lot of work and effort into your beautiful fishtanks. Thanks so much for sharing with us! hugs, Sis