Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday we had the artist Melissa and Ellesia stop by ...the two artist had fun painting the
little enclosure Barry had put on the front of the fifth wheel....
I want to thank them both ...they did an awesome job..
the little door you see at the bottom is a door for
Peewee to go thru to his bed and food ....

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Mrs. Miles said...

That looks so neat Judy - what a great job they did. Hope we get to come and see it for real sometime soon. Its specially sweet how there's a place for peewee! hugs to you, and thanks for sharing!

love, Barb and Smiles

Patty said...

Very cool great job girls........

Shari said...

What a great way to spend a day! They did a great job. Thanks for sharing Judy

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Evening Judy:)
Surprise!!..I didn't expect to see you on my blog so soon.:)Soo glad you like my stuff.:)
Did you have a chance to go into the archives? The links are still working on all but two of them that I know of.I just checked them tonight and don't have time to fix them right now.:)
I don't have a place that I show all the designs I have made.I do have photo bucket..but it only has a few months worth of pics on it.I would love to give you what ever I have made in the past ..present and future..not sure how I would know what you like though.:)Email me at and we will figure something out.:)
I will have to come back to catch up on your blog.I am taking my DH to the airport first thing in the A.M. and need to make sure everything is packed for his business trip.:)
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend:)