Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well this past couple of weeks I have been working on a layout for our school
fun fair ..this is the first year has a science school
that we are hosting ...there will be some neat things and games
and the Littlest Science Centre will be open for all to see
so if you would like some fun and excitement ...COME OUT
April 22, 2008
(just click on the poster and it will enlarge for you to read)

My mom ...she has been spending some time with her great-grand girls
the girls love it cause Nanny has they call her always has colors and scissors and neat pictures color and cut ....

I want to thank bannerwomen , AmyW, and of course

my sis and SIL Barb ....just click on Barb's or Amyw and away

you'll go to their blogs ...very talented ladies


Patty said...

Yup they sure like Nanny they get very excited to spend time with her......Great layouts ......See you at the funfair

Mrs. Miles said...

You did a tremendous job on the poster Judy - you are a terrific Pac Mama and the layout of Gramma and kids is so sweet. Thanks for sharing.


(ps, Patty i will catch up with you one day!)

Mrs. Miles said...

I've elected you for an award over on my blog Judy - come check it!