Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well this holiday trip was so awesome ...THANK YOU Dave and Neti was an awesome place you took us to ..loved it. Fishing was off because of the storms ...but still all in all it was great ..and Dave did catch a 12 lb Pike ...

and Neti we had fun water dipping ...hey sis wasn't it warm once we were in ...and so sandy no rocks or weeds awesome and clear.

And the boys ..well they got a lot of fishing in ...and had fun in Cardston...

All of us did catch a fish here ..I caught a walleye off the shore ....Neti and I spend lots of time on shore ...Neti has caught a 19 lb pike here Neti thanks for the walks and the talks and the pictures ...girl you are getting some awesome pictures.

Well you two can't wait for the next adventure ...Summit Lake ???? or did someone say



Mrs. Miles said...

wowza - all of your photos are fabulous. Such beauty, and you all caught it on film. THANK YOU for sharing, just awesome.

Love you,