Thursday, April 7, 2011

Now this is a plate hanger my Bare just built for me our old house I had one and loved it is in the trailer he build and hung one for me ...don't mind the plates and bowls ...when we sold our home I got rid of our set of dishes ..because in the fifth wheel we only had room for so much china this is our start for this place day they will all match...but thanks Bare I love it. Well here it is my attempt at a easel round card...
tried to make the bottom piece look like a flower pot ...Sam gave me the idea..
So what do you think...???

Have a great Friday...


Samantha said...

YOur did a wonderful job mom :) ! Love the grass patch at the bottom of your flower pot :)
Great job!

And hey Dad you did a fabulous job on the plate holder cabinet as well...but you have always been good at wood working stuff.

Love ya both! :)

Mrs. Miles said...

The plate cupboard is incredible! It looks like it was manufactured its so perfect. Please tell Barry he's done an amazing job.

Your card is amazing too - lots of creativity flowing in your household.

Thx for sharing.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy:)
Just popping in to see if you have anything new to show us.:)
Have a wonderful day!!


Mrs. Miles said...

waiting for your mojo sweet SIL!