Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stitching- Family Challenge

OK a family challenge much fun....
sewing or stitches something that makes you think it is sewn...
I have to fix my granddaughters jacket today ...a new zipper needed.
So I know black but hey it was the old zipper so I thought why not
I sewed the zippers on to the card
then sewed the paper on I fuss cut the flowers and the mannequin
and popped them up and also the wording.
The sentiment is Taylor Expressions
the paper is Harmonie
Now here is Samantha card for the challenge
this is so cute this card it Sam!
it was a fun challenge make sure you stop Barb and Nina


Barbara Derksen said...

Hi Judy,

First of all - how utterly clever of you to use a zipper on your card. I LOVE sewing on my cards, in fact thats how I got back into (the very basic BASIC sewing I can accomplish now) was by wanting to sew on paper. All your embellishments are a terrific backup.

Sammy - it is a joy you join us, we have very much missed your creations. Such a darling card, I love the sentiment too. DO say you will join us again soon?

♥ SIL & Auntie to youse!

Notes by Nina said...

opps I linked Samantha's blog on my post, I will fix it when I am home tonight. I love your themed card Judy, all the element are lovely.

Sam your card is adorable, I love the wonderful blend of papers and colours.

Thank you Judy for organizing the challenge.