Monday, February 19, 2007

Dave and Neti were fishing Grave lake ..when Neti caught her first Kokanee fish..
the picture with the two fish one is a trout(large one) and the other
Neti fish .
Dave sent a cute video of the trip ..but I have not figured out on how to
put up video for all to watch .
But we did talk to them and they had lots of fun.
We all can't wait to meet for our first fishing trip of the year.
(Thanks to Chaingang and to my sweet sister in law Barb
for the elements used in this layout )


Anonymous said...

nice layout.....Way to go neti!!!!!!

Being Mrs Miles said...

Yum!!! Hope you canned that fishie for us to all eat when we come to visit - haha! Very exciting Neti - did you ever imagine a fish would excite you before?? Now thats what you call love, hey? Nice layout Judy - Love how you used the icicles!