Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Samantha New Home
Our Samantha has moved into her own suite.
She has painted and really made a choice of what she wants her place to look like.
It has been awesome for her ..but along the way ...she was washing her glassware
she had packed some time ago..well one of the glasses must of had
a crack because before she knew it ...she was at the hospital getting stitches.
Love your new place ....way to Sam!!!


Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh Sammi Miami - your place looks awesome and soothing and soft and inviting.... sorry to hear about yoiu cutting yourself tho - sheesh, you work with sheet metal most of your waking hours and yet you get cut by a drinking glass - go figure! *kiss* now 'sbedder.

Anonymous said...

very cool sam...looks good.