Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well good evening ..I have been trying hard to get my picture done from our time in's one of two of the most favorite people in my life

This group of pictures shows the beauty that Miles and Barb have to look at everyday ...boy it must be a drag...of course I am joking is peaceful and the water inviting ..just ask Miles ..who was the brave one of all us and stay swimming with a little girl (Melissa) and put a big smile on her face.(thanks Miles)


Mrs. Miles said...

Hiya Sis - thanks for your post - your pics are marvelous! I love the simple way you grouped these photos - sometimes its nice to have no backgrond at all! It was wonderful to have you come and I look forward to more time with ou in the fall. Hope you're having wonderful day! I love you dearly!

Hugs and Kisses