Friday, July 13, 2007

Well this morning we were planning our trip ..when all of sudden we could hear cows..I know that around us is cattle farms ..but these moos were closer than the field across the road Barry popped his head out the door and you can see from the pictures..we were having the cowboys coming through with a herd of was so cool ..I was not the only person to grab the camera ...another fellow did the same was so COOL

It was so great to start the day ...we all knew we had things to do in town we headed in.

The New Look for Melissa ...well folks..she did it...she got her hair styled ..and what a sweety she is know ...looks all gown-up..everyone loves it
Way to Melissa

It has been a very busy day!!!!!

Barb and Miles got me the most coolest clothes hanger..this thing is awesome you can hang so much on it and then it folds away ..great for us people who live in small spaces...I love it Barb.....thanks again...

Papa found a frog and of course our little Abi just had to see this little critter..she was sure it was her frog for life....but Papa told her frog have to been able to hop around and have other frog friends


Mrs. Miles said...

Wonderful Pics Jud! I remember one time when Miles and I were stuck on a highway due to a herd of sheep being moved across... it was amazing to see. Makes you want to put on the Hank Williams... well ALMOST!

Melissa, your hair is georgeous girl... it makes you look 16 girl - Papa will have to get out his slingshot to keep those handsome boys away.

Yes, the clothesrack is a lifesaver Judy, and it just TICKLES me to see you using it. I will think of you each time I peg mine... did you find some of those monster clips like mine at Walmart?

Abi - you cute lil thing you! Boy if Auntie Barb was there she woulda let you take home six of the little critters... haha!

Love you all, Big hugses to my handsome bruddy Barry. My prayers for all. I love you Family.


Mrs. Miles said...

i MISS you... :( where arrre you???

'niffle niffle...'

Mrs. Miles said...

We are home again Jud - just thougth I'd let you know Sis. Love ya!