Saturday, September 29, 2007


credits: Jill for the paper beads and ribbons
Wench for the pink paper heart

A happy marriage has in it
all the pleasures of friendship,
all the enjoyments of sense and reason and indeed,
all the sweets of life.

For who you are now.
I will love you tomorrow for who you will be then.
And if you stay the same throughout the years,
My love for you will not diminish.
The excitement I feel with you will not die.
You will be as special to me tomorrow as you are today.
And if you should change in any way,
my love for you will remain the same.
I will encourage you praise you love you.
I will support you, help you, pray for you.
I will not stop loving you.

Wishing you all the best in the coming years of your lives, Shawn and Mindi!

( I want to thank my sis Barb for helping me to get this up on my blog and for the beautiful words she wrote for Shawn and Mindi ...thanks ya )


Being Mrs Miles said...

Aw Judy, it was a PLEASURE to help you! Anytime. Thanks for asking - its a nice way I got to say Happy Anniversary too. Love ya, Sis