Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The signs of winter

Well has many of you know Barry and I and Melissa started our big adventure this June..we sold our home and moved into our fifth wheel ....
Well to let a lot of you know this is hard part of the year for me ..this is where I have realized how much my home meant to me this time of the year see I would decorate every room in my home...every item had a memory ..if you know what I mean. Also it is a time to remember why we celebrate this season ...for the Lord. Many have been praying for me.. I have a situation in my life and with the Lord's help I will be able to let them know how much I love them more than words can say ...and one day soon we will be talking and laughing together.
( Barb and Miles thanks so much for your prayers).
I not saying I don't love our new life just hit me what I would be doing if I was in my house
where we lived for 17 years it has been a bit hard on me .
So this year I hope you will all love me and understand ...I love you all and wish you the best through this time and God Bless you all ....

Just some of the decorating inside our new home...

I have the privilege of decorating DJ's home(Candy's Man)
You see all our kids & grand kids will be home for Christmas and as I said
Barry and I have moved into our fifth wheel..hahaha no way that all those people can
stay DJ's mom and himself have offered their homes for
us all to celebrate Christmas together.....
below is a peek at what has been done so far ....



Being Mrs Miles said...

I can understand how difficult this would be for you this year Judy - a big change, for sure. What a blessing you've been invited to spend it elsewhere - these folks sound very wonderful!

We always pray for you, but we will lift your needs up in the areas you can't solve on your own. Sometimes we experience these things so that we must rely on God, truly.

The decorations look lovely! Thanks for sharing.


Cicero Sings said...

Your bay window looks lovely and inviting. Just think, the place won't look so bare when you have to take it all down!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jud I understand how it must be difficult for you, I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for reaching out and opening your heart! You are amazing.