Sunday, December 30, 2007

DJ has asked and Candy has replied ...December 24, 2007...Christmas Eve...a night of surprise, filled with LOVE. We love you both and think it is wonderful 2 people deserved more happiness then you two.

Congratulation Candy ya girl
Congratulation DJ....

I want to thank Olivia_ODorazio for the Snowflake elements and frames.This lady is awesome if you would like to see more of her element kits ..just click on Sophia Sarducci. At Sophia you will find lots of very talented ladies ....but make sure you stop and look at Olivia's for sure. Make sure you check out this site ...the rose used was made by Mrs Miles ..just click on her name and check out her blog ..where she has some awesome free elements .


Unknown said...

What a beautiful tribute to Candy and DJ. We wish you both our warmest wishes - have you set a date? We look forward to getting to know you DJ - and we already think the world of Candy. Thank you Judy, for sharing with us all!

Barb and Miles

Anonymous said...

It looks good ma! Congrats to 2 of my Favorite people!!!! I love ya!!! Sam