Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Keisha
we all love you

David... he did it ...Bare got his motorcycle license ...he has worked so hard on making his dirty bike be make it dirt & highway ready ...many hours at his brother Bob's place and help ..Bare alsobuild a trailer to haul the bikes around ...we are so proud of you Bare and thanks to all who helped with his dream...he is loving it ... and it only takes $4.00 to fill ...hehehe

These are pictures of our stay at Salmon Arm while they did warrenty work to our fifth wheel ..what a beautiful hotel. They have one of the biggest swimming pools for a hotel in Canada. And what a pool ..from our room we could go on to our patio and then open a small gate and there was the pool ...the girls loved it.

This is a card I made for David and Neti is hard to tell but the pictures are lifted off the page and so are a few other elements used ...thanks to Kimb for the Camping Kit ...loved using it for this card.

Well I have to say thank you to all ...for those that stopped by my other blog Mom's Little Man ...I will be closing it down ..I will post pictures of Ethan here...again thanks to all for the encouragement and prayers. Samantha also wants to thank you all. Her little man is growing so fast .


Mrs. Miles said...

What a wonderful blog post, Judy - you have been VERY busy!

Every layout is amazing, specially love Dave and Neti's card! You did a terrific job.

In the slideshow, I think the photo of Barry in front of the waterfall is especially nice. I love it - may I please have a copy of this photo? Pretty please?

So nice Barry got the bike up and running and bet he's truly enjoying whizzing to work on it.

I had missed you here, so your long post is especially welcome.

I'm so glad you are going to be posting Ethan pics here - so much easier. I was wondering how you were managing it - its HARD upkeeping two blogs at once!

Hope you are having a super weekend. The hotel looks super nice!

Loads of love,