Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here is Hannah and Abi and Melissa .... having fun at her birthday party

These are a few pictures of Hannah's birthday from the weekend ....we weren't there for it ... not doing things right ... darn hey ...seems that if you don't do things the right ..and that right way would be the way others want you to be ...which is hard to keep up to cause everybody wants something different right ....but any ways

Well here is a quick note about my mom ...she had found a lump in the breast ...she has been checked out ...then booked the surgeon for yesterday and yes both breast were was cancer. From what I have been told she is doing great. They put my youngest sister in charge ..she was to phone all the brothers and sisters. I never did get that call ...and I can not call her number ...has my sister Ann told her son and daughter in law ..I was stocking Lois and she needed to run to Ann's house for protection ...they have been seeing each other for some time and Ann's son thought his mom was not ...because of a very awful letter Lois had written to Bob and his wife was awful... even put their son down to . So they needed a cover I was it ...,it was a good one . So my daughter Candy went to the hospital to let me know brother and I were never phoned. So now everyone is telling the family I am mad ...SORRY MOM I WAS NEVER MAD ..I was just HURT ...cause I could not found ouT OR GOT A CALL. Remeber I told ..what Ann had said ...about me stocking Lois ..when I was trying to set up your 75th birthday. SO YOU KNOW I COULD NOT PHONE THAT PERSON ....Yes it is a fun family ...But mom always remember Jim and I do love you ...


Mrs. Miles said...

Praying for your Mom, Judy. What a very traumatic thing to happen. Things like this can surely test a family. I'm sorry there seems to be some hurt and misunderstanding in your family at this time and I pray you will all be able to pull together for your Mom.

Wow - Hannah is sure a little blondie now! The photo of Melissa and Abi is WONDERFUL! So glad you could share.

Please don't beat yourself up, its hard to see you do that. These things DO happen, families are complicated and often don't come with good instructions.

I'll be thinking of you on the weekend.