Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well today is the day first born turns 40 ...yes is hard to believe that she has grown and what a lady she has become. Time goes so fast and I am proud to say I have been able to be part of her life ... Candy I pray the very best for you may He bless you to the most He has for you . Girl you are loved ..we all wished you the best and the most. Always remember YOU ARE LOVED and SPECIAL in every way.

Happy Birthday Candy
Happy Birthday to KimB
make sure you stop by her blog ...she has some awesome birthday gifts for all.
Thanks Kim for the elements and paper used to do Candy's layout .
Happy Birthday to All


Sam said...

Nice layout ma....looks good. Love the kiddy pic....oh where did you ever get it? lol

Being Mrs Miles said...

Oh Dear oh DEAR ME, I am so way behind the times. I totally MISSED Kim's birthday altogether. And I know you for sure spoiled Candy. Candy, I've always liked and admired you. I wish you every happiness for this coming year. Why do I think it will be your best, ever?

Judy, you did a fabulous job on her layou, love the peek-a-boo look. What a sweet little picture of her in the corner!

I'll be looking for you online!