Sunday, April 11, 2010

I had asked my hubby to build me a couple of boxes that we call flower boxes ...because on the top I put arrangement of flowers inside glass... and a few small birds..he did an awesome job ...he misses his little workshop but loves going to our son-in-laws and get to work on wood projects in his big shop....these flowers boxes were made out of purple heart wood...and they both were trimmed with different colors...if you click on the pictures I believe they will get bigger to see the flower you will notice there is one picture with the top open both boxes have the same idea ..these are dried Pansy and fern leaves when you open it you have another look . ....and Barry loved building them .

I hope you enjoy your week I will try to post more often ...


Sam said...

Great job on the boxes ma and dad.

Glad to hear that the ladies you gave them to enjoyed them.

Notes by Nina said...

These are amazing, what a wonderful idea and beautiful craftsmanship. I love mine, thank you so much.

Mrs. Miles said...

These are amazing! What a wonderful talent he has. So you must have collected flowers for a while. Wonderful idea. Thx for sharing pics of these.

Love, Sil

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Judy:)
I agree..these are pretty and what a COOL idea!!:)
Jim LOVES his workshop and I can imagine the enjoyment your hubby had making these.:)
Love your pics of the kids..How cute!!:)
Nina makes beautiful cards and I love that she tells us how she does them.I need to make one for a wedding shower this weekend.:)Think I am gonna make it with premade elements and embellishments to save time.:)I am also making and decorating a cake for it.Busy busy.:)
I prolly won't be back until after the hope you have a wonderful one!!