Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This card is beautiful...made by Nina .
This my SIL and my hubby's sister ...and yes she got one of his flower boxes....and this the thank you card we received Barry was so happy you loved the box....
Make sure to check out her blog ..she has some beautiful cards and gives you all the info on what she has used just click on her name. I am so blessed to have so many talented SIL .

Ethan ...this baby he is holding ..was bought for his mom years ago . Samantha collected ladybugs and her Aunty Barb found this ladybug doll. And of course she had to get it for her ...well Samantha has hold on to it ..and the doll lays in Ethan's room he will let any of us hug baby like he does ...but mommy can't ...he gives her a sad face ..when she says mom hug baby...and he takes baby away ...

Ethan and his cousin Keisha

In this picture I was trying to catch Ethan hugging Tigger ..but he would just laugh at me ..


Mrs. Miles said...

Such cute picture of Ethan and the baby lady bug! Thanks for sharing, Judy.

Love you,