Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yes I know it has been awhile...boy a long while.
Well the story goes like this ...many of you know or maybe don't know 3 Years ago we bought a fifth wheel and started living in it full time ...sold everything and just spent our time where we at the time our grand-daughter who lives with us loved it ..then came that age 13 that..hey guys I need a bigger room ...more privates. So some money we had sent aside was used to buy a mobile where we won't have a mortgage. So we had been looking and then found one we could get and fix up ...Yes reno's in the middle of summer ...ugh. Yes it seems we picked the hottest part of summer to do reno's. But we are now living in our new home...still lots of stuff to do but ...has time goes on we will get it done. Just to show you some of the major jobs we had to do ....the bathroom...ugh ....and I do me ugh when we start we thought small things wrong in this room till my husband looked closer...the whole bathroom needed to be gutted...and start a fresh....

What we saw when we bought ...then the picture below shows the water damage the rotten flooring he started ...our son in law who is a with new water lines piping just a complete new look ...Barry replaced the floor .....and did the water lines new to the kitchen to ....

Here is the new look for the bathroom ...everyone loves it ...and so do we. DJ thank you so much for the time and the beautiful end product ....and Barry you did an awesome job.
This was the look of the front room when we started ....the carpet at one time was orange brown
This is the color of the water after the third time of washing the walls using TSP I am so thankful that our daughters came out and gave us a hand ...THANK YOU so MUCH.
Now this is the new look for our front room

Now while we were doing renos and things came to visit ...and yes ...Barry got his brother to help with the renos...Bill is here in the room being done for Melissa flooring .
Now Samantha and Corey had us all over for dinner ...THANK YOU SO you two. So Bill and Maggie got to hang with Ethan ...
They came on their motorcycle ...this I believe was Maggie's first long trip on it. She loved ...they look so cute. It was great to see you both... was a great time ...we even did some yard saling.

So you see I have not been just lying around in the sun or swimming ... we have been busy . I have missed not being around ...but for a while we were up at 5 a.m. and worked till dark ...and to tire to even turn on the computer . But I missed you all and love you all ...and thanks for the emails asking where I was ...hope to be more faithfully


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy:)
Oh..I love the reno bathroom.How pretty!I know it costs the sun and moon to do that but you will be sooo happy you did.:)
I can remember an apartment Jim and I moved the family into when the kids were younger and I couldn't figure out why the walls were the same color as the water you are showing after cleaning your walls.Nicotine.That's what I discovered and since Jim and I or kids don't had to go.:)I scrubbed and scrubbed with a powerful cleaner and finally got it all off of the walls and most of it onto myself.LOL My arms ached for days afterwords..but I could feel more comfortable knowing the place was at least clean.:)
Your front room looks sooo nice and clean and lots of space! Bet you LOVE that.:)
Thanks for stopping by!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Oh....Is the kitchen next? :)
I loved seeing your progress.Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

A mobile home. Great. How big is it and where are you located now. Downtown Kamloops or in the country somewhere.