Thursday, September 9, 2010

These awesome people are brother-in-law David and my sister-in-law Neti and of course my Bare...the two had came for a visit and while they were here my sister-in-law Neti (who is an awesome baker) took some time and showed me some neat baking ideas ...not just showed me ...but made me do the work so I would know how she showed me pizza dough ...buns...and bread ...well what we made has ran out ..tonight I decide to show her I remembered and I thank her from the bottom heart ...THANKS NETI.
Went shopping Neti ...what do you think????

Yes that Italian sausage burgers chopped up and peppers ...mushrooms ...onions ...her and I talked in the afternoon ...she was giving me some pep talk ...and reminding me of other things I could use on the pizza...

yeast a rising
two pizza shells ready ....
made Bare's first a loaded ..olives..onions...peppers...and three meats
lots of cheese right Neti ...I know get closer to those edges ....

Melissa making her pepperoni and ham

and of course the ham and pineapple pizza ....
again Neti Thanks for the time the lessons is Cinnamon buns...fresh noodles and yes wontons I said this girl can cook get her and my other sister in law Barb in the kitchen cooking oh ya yummie. Make sure you check out my other sister-in-laws blogs ...Barb and Nina have a great weekend


Sam said...

Good job Mom!!!! We are on our way. Wow Missy now you can make aunty pizza....YAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Glad to see you are enjoying your self Mom....making all of this fresh stuff.

Notes by Nina said...

Those look amazing Judy, great work, I bet they were delish. Glad to hear you had a great visit.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy:)
Wow!! These look amazing and I haven't had breakfast I am drooling.LOL
I use to make pizzas from scratch when the kids were younger..high school age.I would make the dough and let them make the pizza the way they wanted.It was a lot of fun.:)
Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your family.Thanks so much for sharing your days with me.:)
Love your layout with Barb , Miles and Barry.:) Great job!!
Gotta find something to eat and and something to wipe the drool off with.hehe

Have a great day!!

Huge hugs,