Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What can I say
or write....
To tell YOU
how much you are loved
Today is SPECIAL
so I pray....
the very best for you
today and always...
Always remember
this family loves you
my Sister-In-Law
my best FRIEND
Make sure to stop by Nina's and see the beautiful card she made her sister...she is so talented ....


Sam said...

Mom that is a beautiful layout that you did for Aunty Barb...well she is beautiful so i guess she deserves beautiful. :D

Happy Birthday Aunty Barb!!!!!
I hope you had an amazing day and well i'm sure that hubby of yours will be spoiling you when he gets home.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Judy and Sammy!

Please forgive me for not coming to visit - have been spending quality time with our family here. They tell us they will be staying until the 27th - we must be GOOD company LOL!

Thank you for the beautiful layout and birthday wishes, I just got them now. The folks took me out to Penticton with my friend Mel O for my birthday.

Sam, you are TOO sweet! I love you to bits. Your beauty is on the inside and outside as well.

I loved our visit with you, Judy, though it was so brief. Looking forward to our time together this fall. You are incredibly special to me as well. I'm humbled by your beautiful sentiment.