Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well friends ...sorry I have not posted in some time....
I was over at my SIL blog and saw her wonderful pictures of the mushrooms neat ..please stop by and check it out....BARB. So here are some pics that I got this weekend ...I had Abi and Hannah and we walked the park waiting for Drew to start his hockey here goes....

Well it was time to head inside and watch the game ...Drew is the number 10 there ...and yes he does get a goal...I am just not fast enough to get the picture of it ...boohoo. In the end the other team did win ...but it was a great game. The girls cheered.
After the game the girls and I and Drew headed out for lunch ....WENDY'S
GrandKids are so much fun..hehehe


Mrs. Miles said...

The grasses really make a nice backdrop behind the girls. Cannot get over how grown up they have become. Really love seeing them.

Who won the game - or did I miss that?

Love, Sil