Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I got to babysit Ethan today was at work and dad had a dentist Ethan came to our house for a while...we even got to have lunch together. It was awesome.
This little activity center used to be the girls and Patty give it to us for Ethan to enjoy ...and he does... he has his books and cars anything he figures he needs to play.

He is so enjoying the fact he can draw on the chalk board ....and he does clean up so he can keep right on drawing....I tried to video ...but my battery was dieing ...he had a story with each line he put on the chalk board. Thanks for hanging out Ethan....

Last night ..a couple of friends and I went to a tea and coffee ...
This ladies meeting is an out reach to society's Elizabeth Fry ....
battered women...young girls needing help with things like drugs to being pregnant.
The wonderful dessert served ...yummieee...had to bring my home for my Bare...he loved it
It was an awesome night ..there were about 67 meeting ...they have all asked us to go through our closet and see if we have shoes that are in ok condition ..but we never seem to wear them....this winter the Elizabeth Fry society had women coming to them asking for anything ....the Elizabeth Fry society has what they call the closet ...where they collect things a for free you can get clothing or if you have a need they will try to find it for you.
Also at this next meeting they want us girls to be creative and dress a pair of shoes up
and the deal is must wear them and show them off the winner gets a nice basket of goodies. Now This where I know I have 3 very crafty SIL ...Barb..Nina...Neti any ideas.
make sure you stop by all these girls blogs they have so much to share....
Also Valinda ..if you have some ideas let me know...this next meeting is March 8th
Have a great day.


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy!!
Wow..I can't believe how many posts etc you have done since I was here last.I am SOO behind.Jim took the weekend off and I have been nothing but BUSY.Running here..going there..and just about given up on ever catching back up.LOL KWIM?:)
What a CUTE idea for shoes.I know with your wonderful creative will have NO trouble with that!:) Can't wait to see what you come up with.:) Fishing?LOL Like fishing line for the shoe strings..little plastic fish dangling off of the lines.etc.hehe JK I really don't have time to think right now..can you tell?LOL
I LOVE your round card..and I have a circle cutter too!! Forgot about that!! It looks so pretty!I will HAVE to try that one day!!:)
Bet Hannah LOVED her Special card.How sweet!That will be something she will treasure!:)
I hope you have a fantastic weekend my friend!!

Huge hugs,

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Judy,

What a GREAT cause, and how nice for to have a good reason to gather with other ladies with such a wonderful purpose. Sure does feel good to be able to "clean out the closet" AND do good at the same time.

I bet you will find something amazing to do with a pair of shoes.