Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yes yesterday was Mojo Monday ....and I did get my cards up ...but our daughter Sam played along ...she does not have a blog so I wanted to post them for her ...she did an awesome job ..I thought
all those buttons ...and she used her Cricut to creat some of the backgrounds for the buttons way to go Sam
now this is a card she has been working on to...wish my picture had turned out better is pinks and browns working together...

Now this Abi ...yes dentist time ..she did a good job and no cavities...way to go girl.
and Hannah well has you can see she is treated like a star...and no cavities here either..
Ethan saying a little prayer before eating those Cheerios...
this boy loves his book ...
Well hope you enjoy the pictures and cards ...have a great day.


Mrs. Miles said...

K Sammy Miami, you NEED a blog now. You do. Yes, I will help you with a header etc. Do it so you can join us each week. You have huge talent. LOVE the round card - your cricut is perfect for making the circle elements. Got to come watch you someday.

Aunty Barb

Notes by Nina said...

I agree with Barb, Blogger needs your name on it. Love the card, love the buttons :).

Very nice Pics Judy.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Great job with the cards!!! So COOL! I agree...another blog would be great!!:)