Monday, January 31, 2011

Yes ... Mojo are my attempts ...
Have you ever had an idea in your head ...a look ...and it seems like you can't get it together
that is how this first card felted to me idea was there ..but I could not get it
this next card I had fun with ..are granddaughter's birthday is soon so I thought I would play with that idea ....and a round card

Now I know my SIL Barb and Nina will get their cards up soon... make sure you stop by their blogs...these ladies are very talented .
Have a great week.....


Samantha said...

Great job mom. Your birthday one is very cool...very fun and love that you added buttons :)

I am with you on the having an idea but having a hard time getting there. I was in that exact same spot last night. I am trying very hard to get back into making my cards when Ethan is sleeping but i tell ya! I am trying to jump out side of my box and create.

Well i kinda joined you guys for mojo today but man oh man it sure take me a long time....had fun though and i love it.

Good job mom!! Glad you have found something you are enjoying and you are doing a wonderful job!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

oHHH love your round card - well both really! How sweet - I used a bug just like yours recently! So nice and bold and bright.

Oh I don't envy you having to take kids to the dentists - I remember that well. Awww - Ethan is DARLING.

thanks for sharing SIL!

Love ya!


Notes by Nina said...

Those are fabulous cards Judy. well done.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Me again.:)
LOVE your cards..but I agree..the round one really stands out and I bet it will be LOVED and appreciated too!! Have you thought of doing a scrapbook of your cards? Now that would be something to enjoy looking back on..don't you think?:)I try to remember to take pictures of my cards before giving them away..cause my memory can use a little help.LOL

Huge hugs,