Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OK ...I know it is not Mojo Monday that it is Tuesday...but here goes ....
I have wanted for so long to do a black and white card ...this is my attempt.
Hope you like it this card is the basic black and white paper...the flowers are a Recollections ..which is a Micheal's I want to mention the faith word and it's background daughter Sam cut the paper out of her Cricut pack called Robots....Thanks so Much ...and I have been asking my SIL Nina what kind of markers she uses ...yes a Tombow product ...and since she said she liked working with them... out I went with my 50% coupons to Micheals ...I had a stamp with the word faith and there you go. Thanks Nina for all the help.

Now this is the card I had said I would post last Mojo Monday ...but I have just put the finishing touches on the weekend and I had ask someone to tell me what they thought and they said OK. So I will post it now...the little flowers used were made by Sam also. Please make sure you stop Barb and Nina's to check out their Mojo Cards.
Now I know my SIL is always showing little finds is one I found...yes tape to hold those curls ..
look at what you can do bob pins here. And pretty pink ...

yes 1972 times have changed
Now where we live now ..we have these little birds running around the fellow up the street keeps them feed and you can tell cause boy our they chubby. They call these birds chuckers. But they are sweet ..

Going to have to take your advice Barb ...take that sheet and go sit on a chair and hide so I can get some really good pictures


Samantha said...

Great job on your cards mom!!!!

Wow that tape stuff is crazy and it's even older then i am.

Notes by Nina said...

There is a lot of creativity in this post. Your cards are wonderful, why you need anyone’s thoughts is beyond me as you do such a good job. You made excellent use of Barb's element and your Anniversary card is fabulous. I wish you lots of wonderful colouring time with your Tombows, they last for a long time and are so versatile. I hope you learn to love them as much as I love mine.

Notes by Nina said...

Ohhh and I like the little birds, I imagine you can sit and watch them for hrs.