Wednesday, August 10, 2011

 Well here it's Wednesday ...middle of the week and I am now adding my Mojo Monday card...well I beat last weeks dated....
 Now the paper is from K&Company--Hojas Simple...the butterfly Recollection same has the little flower ...the ribbon and bow ...Jolee...hope you I tried another card layout today.
 Thought it might look ok ...what do you think???

 I left the botttom of the card empty so some one could write their own messages or sign their names ..or even add their own Happy Birthday...or what ever....

Now I was luck enough on Monday to get the girls for a sleepover ...and Hannah who had a Diego train set ...want so to give it to over to Aunties we go..

 little Hannah busy putting it together for him
 boy did he love it ...thank Hannah for sharing ...
the little guys climbing the ladder....

Well I hope you are all enjoying the heat ....summer is here now. 


Lisa said...

You've been a busy lady! Super frilly girly cards!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Judy.:)
AWESOME cards!! I wanna try the foldout one too!! Looks like FUN!:)
Awww.. how SWEET of Hannah to share her train set.:) in's bedtime.I DID get my mojo card done just now...and posted it.Sure wish it looked as good on blogger as it does at home.:)One of these ole days I will figure out how to do that!!
Have a GREAT rest of the evening!!


Samantha said...

Your cards are wonderful ma! Great job on both of them...that fold out was is pretty cool. You always have these little surprise projects that you work so hard on.

Yes Hannah thank you so much for the train set Ethan absolutely loves it and plays with it all day...well that's if we are inside.

Big hug!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Judy,

I've missed you!

I think both cards are nice, but the second one is very imaginitive - love how it opens up. The borders are so pretty - this card is going to make someone smile, for sure!

Hope you're having a good week.

Love ya,