Friday, September 2, 2011

Just a short note this morning ...going to give a try to making a card ....wish me luck...
Yes my Bare is trying his hand at all things... we have had a bread maker for a long time ...but my SIL Neti showed me how to make bread and buns the old fashion way I can be honest ...I bunch the dough sometimes to much I just stick to the pizza dough ...but he thought he would give it a try...
His buns and bread were awesome ...thank you Bare....the house smelt so good.


Notes by Nina said...

He should be able to pull off bread making without issues, that skill has been passed down throught the generations with Gram adn again with mom. Looks good Barry.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Judy:)
Hope you are doing well and able to make a card again.:) Thank you soo much for stopping your visits!
I think one day..maybe someone besides me will get as good as the person in that video on my blog.LOL
I have a bread machine too and it really needs to get some use.It's been way too long since I made bread in it.I am gonna put that on my list...Make fresh bread!!:)I bet your house DOES smell soo good!! I have tried pizza dough from scratch before and it was really good too.:)Think I will wait until cooler weather though.Too hot to turn the oven on right now.:)
Have a FANTASTIC weekend my friend!!


Mrs. Miles said...

Looking for his apron *snort* Actually we have a looong line of bread makers in our family and I'm sure Barry has a good hand with it. Wow, what a domestic fella!

thanks for posting these photos and I'll be looking for you,


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy.:)
Wasn't sure if you would be interested... but I saw a camping kit at

It's on sale for $1.50 right now.:)I don't camp..but I KNOW your family does.

She has a couple of camping QP freebies too on her blog.:)

Hope you are doing better every day with your new knee my friend! They gain.Owww!! Gotta love that therapy..:/