Friday, March 28, 2014

Yes I have been trying to make a card ...
a special card was requested ..
and I can honestly say 3 other cards
in to the garbage they went ...
so here is my end product ..
what do you think ???
and this is the inside of the card
and the poem picked for it
I have given the card to who ordered
and she loved it ...
Here is a neat little gift a very dear friend thought....
I might find  neat to have and use
I thought she was giving me a bush of pencils
and I said oh yes Bare can always use pencils in his shop
then she showed me the ends of the pencils
HOW neat...
and these are some of the neat things you can create
 with the
neat pencil eraser stamps ..
well I am behind in challenges so I best get into gear ...
Have a great weekend.


Barbara Derksen said...

Hi Judy,

The 50th card is simply lovely. I'm sure the persons will treasure it. Lots of hard work went into this I know!! It all paid off.

So cool the erasers/stamps things. Don't forget and erase away your stamps tho. hahahah!


Notes by Nina said...

What a lovely card Judy, the recipients are adore it. I can't see what else you can do with that cool looking technique with erasers.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

COOL card and so sweet of you to make it for them.:)Love the poem too!

I have seen the eraser stamps before but never tried them.Thanks for showing us how they can be used.:)