Thursday, March 22, 2007

On my sister- in - laws site Mrs.Miles she add a free site that helps with english:

This was what she had to say about it : You come across a word you don't recognize - or you need a quick synonym for a word. You don't have to get up and get your dictionary, nor have to open up a word program or go online either. The secret? There's a nifty little program I've been using for a few days now, and its proving itself VERY helpful. It's called WordWeb and its a free download. It comes with it's own library of words and can even do audio of speech-to-text, standalone, if you have that feature enabled from your existing word program. If you're like me you will be wondering how you did without it!
By the way, it FREE


Patty check it out something you would want !!!!


Mrs. Miles said...

sure has come in handy for me! I think it's well worth the download!