Thursday, March 8, 2007

This was so cute ..Patty thought she would be a sweetheart
and buy me some
fresh cut when she got to our house
she said Mom close your I did.
Well what beautiful flowers .....I love them ...
but they are not fresh cut ...they are fake ones ..but what an awesome job
they look real till you check them out further..but
I want to thank my daughter for the callylilies.
I love them .
Also they will look great in the fifth wheel
thanks to Bderksen for the elements used in this layout


Mrs. Miles said...

WAY TO GO PATTY! You Rock! I bet you got as much or more joy of GIVING them than Mom recieving. You're making me say aaawwwww! *hugs* Thanks Jud for using my elements! You did a terrific job. Sorry I missed you tonight, I was at the photo class :)

Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

Those flowers are beautiful.. I love Calla Lilies, well I love lilies in general.. I have a huge garden Daylilies.. but these are gorgeous... and will last you forever.. what a sweetie to give you some flowers.. :)