Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yesterday afternoon we all decided to head to DJ's
that is where our fifth wheel spend the winter.
Well DJ got the fire going ..and we all got out the wiener sticks
and had some fun....they still have snow..has you can see
the kids had fun ...and of course Abi and Hannah did
found the mud holes with water in them.
Kids will be kids ..they had fun.
Our little Abi adopted DJ's Mom as a new Grama Ivy..and off they were
exploring..and grama Ivy taking Abi for some homemade cookies
to share with all the kids...
It was a nice evening with some great people for soon the yard filled with
other families to join in on the wiener roast and fire.
It was also nice to have some time in our fifth wheel ..can't wait
for our first camping meet ..with everyone.


Mrs. Miles said...

I am so glad you got time both with your beautiful family and your RV - and I know ... with the weather changing, we too are looking forward to getting away camping! I will look for you online later Sis. Love ya! (cute pics of kids! Thanks for sharing)

patty said...

Well my children had a great time and yes had no problems finding those puddles their pink clothes aren't pink anymore....