Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well over to Sparwood from was nice to be going back into the mountains and their beauty. Well we got to Sparwood and it was so great seeing David and Neti ...Dave had six days off and we had plan to spend a week with them .....something Dave always wanted to do since he had moved here 7 years ago was to float down the Elk River that is what him and Barry did for 2 days ..and boy those brothers had girl went shopping...hehehehe. That Neti girl... boy the meals were awesome ..and we also got to spend our anniversary with them July 30th Barry and I have been married 19 years...( we have been together for 22 years actually) thanks guys for the cake it was awesome ..and the time we spend together. We have another surprise from Dave and Neti ..but I want to blog it in time it will be up on my blog. Oh yes ...the girls were the only ones to catch fish girl rock.. hey Neti. Wish we had more time ...but Dave and Neti had to go back to work . So we headed out ...Dave and Neti had told us about the K we headed through K country and towards the Columbia Ice field's.....


Being Mrs Miles said...

Your pictures are amazing Judy - what terrific memories you have built this summer. It is so wonderful you got to spend your anniversary with Dave and Neti... so sorry we missed it... get too busy. I'm marking it in the book for next year! Thanks for sharing, your blog has been a wonderful way to wake up this morning!