Saturday, December 22, 2007

Well here we go ..Barry and I ...Candy & DJ and Samantha starting off are Christmas stay at DJ's ..the girls had a fun day of making nuts and bolts ...DJ's mom Ivy made homemade fudge ...and butter tarts. Me I just took pictures ...Barry worked on Candy's xmas present...and DJ got the snowmobiles ready for all of us to have some fun...even I got brave and took a few was the greatest. We got lots of snow so the Sunday fun-day should be a awesome...wish you all could be here....we all want to wish you all the greatest Christmas and Happy New Year..


Unknown said...

Looks like Barry was working very hard on Candy's present - and she will be fortunate as he is so talented in his woodworking (and other areas) Looks like fun was had by all. How very generous and thoughtful it was for DJ's and his Mom to open their home for you all! Thanks for sharing.

Barb and Smiles