Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well the catch of the day so far ....Shawn and his dad went out this morning and this what happened ...boy dad you have some work now to catch up ....
Theses pictures are from yesterday
Well here is the fish I got ...Barry held it for me to show you how long it is ....
And let me tell you he put up a good fight ....Barry figured he weighed about 10 pounds ...I could of kept the fish but ...hey we are just beginning to fish

Jordana and Melissa were catching fish left right and centre....
Melissa 6----Jordana 5 all of them walleye ..nothing they could keep
but a lot of fun for them .


Unknown said...

Dad your a great fisherman

Being Mrs Miles said...

Holy KAMOLY, that is SOME FISH.... now those are definately scrapping pics!!!

How wonderful of a time you're having with your kids, and memories you are building. Miss chatting with you, but will check to catch ya online when I can. Did you get the chat fixed yet?

Love and hugs.