Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well Feb the 4th ...a great day ...a day to remember...

Some may wonder why Feb 4th... nothing great happen that day no war.... no great sale....

But something great did happen Miles and Barb were married....

Now a lot of you know Barb is my sister-in-law...but she is more than that she is my best friend guardian angel on earth...she lets me be me...and she is my sister in the Lord. I was there when Barb gave her heart to the Lord...and I have had the privilege of watching her grow in the love of the Lord. And I have seen this friend blossom and grow. She has a heart of gold and shares all that she can. Her first love is the Lord ...and the next is the man she married this day. The Lord handpicked and put together these two. Now what can I say about Miles. He is a teacher , man of God , a praise and worship leader see the love when he leads praise and worship at church ...and you see the same love when he looks at his wife , his partner, his friend, his soul mate. And it is true what the Lord put together...let no man divide. These two stand on the Word and on their love ...and they stand united. I pray this day be filled with all that the Lord has for you two...and He blesses you doubly this year.

To Miles & Barb ...Barry and I wish and pray the most for you two and send all our love.

Melissa says have a fun day.


On your anniversary




Mrs. Miles said...

Thank you Judy, for the gorgeous layout - you did a wonderful job. You've always been a huge support and encouragement to our marriage and we completely appreciate this.

Thanks for everything, it means so much to us. You've never forgotten our special day!

All our love,
Barb and Miles

Sam said...

Happy Anniversary Aunty Barb and Miles !!!! Hope you had a wonderful day......which i'm sure you did considering the 2 of you are so good to each other.

Lots of love
Sam and Baby

Kim B said...

WOW- Judy - that is a wonderful LO of Barb and Miles- Love the blending on the background and the word art sticking out the bottom!

They do look they were handpicked to be together and it's so nice to see such enormous LOVE in their smiles- it's so RARE today!

Sending you hugs and loves