Monday, February 23, 2009

Well I know it is late posting this ...but Happy Birthday Ellesia...I will be posting more ...the big 13 th party is Friday and all that stuff ...can't wait . But today is the really birth date again HAPPY BIRTHDAY 13th ELLESIA

This picture below is done using the Spirit of Summer a beautiful kit made for helping the fire victims in my kit of Spirit of Summer is very special to me ...a friend a lady who I look up to .. who has helped me to step out and try different layouts to my SIL Mrs Miles(Barb) who has taught me so much ..this lady KimB is there for all ...she sent me this kit for me so I am hoping all of you will enjoy this layout .

This is Abi's Rocketship she made at play school...she gave it to her sister Missy.

It is so cute I just had to do it into a layout.

Way to go Abi .....


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Happy "belated" Birthday Ellesia!!! Wow..thirteen!! Did I read right??? LIMO??? Way cool!!!

How sweet..I love your layout!!!:)I bet Abi loves it too and how sweet of her to give the rocket to Missy.:) Kim's kit is sooo cute too!:)She's a very generous friend!!
Thank you sooo much for stopping in to see me. I LOVE your visits...they help to brighten my day!:)


Mrs. Miles said...

Awww - happy birthday to Ellesia - I'm sure it will be a ton of fun.

You did a terrific job on the layout, Judy - the rocket fits perfect in there! The kit is so beautiful and a wonderful tribute to the victims of the fires in Australia, which I understand are not quite finished yet, as there is the threat of more hot weather and dry!

Thanks for sharing and I'm hoping you are having a great day!


Sam said...

How cute....cute kit and Abi's rocket is priceless. Thanks for sharing Abi's and Your talent with us ma.