Saturday, February 28, 2009

Went to watch the girls swim this week ..what a couple of cutey's love you girls
Hannah the banana turning into a water baby to ...

ABI ---the little fish

Hope you will enjoy this little video of the swimming ..there was not a lot of battery left ..seems I left the video camera on ..the whole trip and ya ..did not have much to take videos with ...waaahh


Mrs. Miles said...

Looks like everyone had a splishy-splashy great time. Did YOU get into the pool too? I sure wish we had a GOOD place to swim here - on of the drawbacks of a small town, I guess.

Wonderful photos and layouts!

I've got some deadlines to meet today - might see you online - or not, it depends.

At any rate, have a great day SIL!

♥ Sis

Sam said...

The layouts look great ma....i look a little sleepy in that photo with hannah. Thanks for taking me on the trip with ya.