Sunday, March 1, 2009

Now doesn't Dave like comfortable fishing Suzanne Lake many fish did you say ...what Neti out fished you ...looks like fun you two

Dave and Neti send over some pictures of the snow they got the other day...boy am I glad it was them and not us ya guys .


Mrs. Miles said...

Yeah, and here was ME complaining with my piddly little bit of snow *blush*

Thx for sharing, SIL!

Hope you have a great day - its looking like the sun might even try to make an appearance today.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Judy:)
BRRRRR!!! I am freezing just looking at all that snow.:) We got some over the weekend too.It doesn't happen much around here and we LOVE it when it finally shows up and sticks for more than a few minutes.:)
I LOVE your layouts of the girls swimming! Great job on them!!:)
Loved watching the video of Missy playing basketball.I use to go to the games my brothers played in school.It was a lot of fun!!:)

Hope you stay warm!!


P.s. I am gonna have to sign in as anonymous cause blogger won't let me use my password for some reason.:(