Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is a card that Aunty Sam made for our birthday girl ...yes Abi turns five today ....
all the product on this card were cut by Sam with her machine ...way to go girl...

Just a quick note to tell you we love you so much ...and we know you will have a great day.
We know that you are loved and you put smiles and love in our hearts. May God always watch over you ... and bless you always .....

These girls spent hours swimming and going down the waterslide....way to go

Abi ----Keisha---Hannah ----Missy

The kit used to do Abi's layout ...were created by GS Creations(KimB sister)
and the word designs were created by Elisja Design...thank you so much


Mrs. Miles said...

Happy Birthday to Abi! She's sure growing up fast.

LOVELY card - Sam's cutter-outter thingie is cool! And your layout is so precious, Judy, I'm sure she will treasure it.

Looks like 4 little fish in the pool, kids can stay in till they're little prunes. Its so nice to see all of them having a great time.

I'll catch you online sometime soon! Please pass on birthday wishes for us!

Love, Barb and Smiles

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!! Wish Aunty could be there to celebrate with you but baby just wont come and so Aunty must sit and wait.

Hope you have a wonderful day and you are feeling much better.

Lots of love Aunty

That was a very nice layout ma!!!!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Sure hope you had a great one.!
Judy..your layout and card are gorgeous! Great job!!:)
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments for me.They really make my day!!:)

Have a wonderful weekend!


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Me again...Good Morning:)
My email address is Email me and let me know it is you I will be sure to read it and then I will let you know where you can chat with me.:)Would love that!!:)