Saturday, March 28, 2009

My sister-in-law introduced me to this very awesome lady Mel ...she is so sweet and so wanting to help others ..and a good listener ...she is an artists in her own right ...well she made me these beeswax candles ..and has you can see blue ...hmmmm wonder how she know that Barb ...Barb can you give her a big the biggest hug from me the candles !!!


Mrs. Miles said...

Yes, Mel IS a talented artist, and her candles are beautiful. She's so very thoughtful and will love the thank you card I'm sure you will send her!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Love, SIL

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy:)
LOVE those candles! How pretty!:)How sweet of your friend to give them to you!!
That's a wonderful layout of your Mom and Aunt Lois too.Great job!
Thanks for stopping by again.I LOVE your visits:)

Have a fantastic day!!