Friday, September 18, 2009

Well now most of you will remember I could not go fishing ..with my Hubby and brother-in-law David and my sister-in-law Neti they sent me some pictures over ..looks so beautiful year Trout Lake for sure. Can't wait for this next meet in out pike her comes Neti the pike slayer...(she caught a 19lb pike) she is going to show me how it is done. She has some other pictures ...but she has been busy I will probably add more later. Hope you are having a great visit with the kids.

Thanks Neti ...yes I needed some one to help me and there she was my sister-in-law Neti ..she talk me through what I need to do to make satin trim for the blankets I was doing...Thanks so much ...and yes I had to get my mom to thread the machine was her sewing machine I was using ...hehe thanks ladies for being there for me....

Neti and Dave thanks so much for looking for the hands for me is the size of them ...below this picture I took some pics of the dolls mom is making ...they are so cute..keeps mom out of trouble ..hehehe

Just a quick note if you get a chance to over to my sister- in -law Barb blog ..the poem she has there is so awesome ...please...please check it out ...Thanks Barb for sharing ya


Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Judy-

How precious! Did you do the crochet on these Judy? They are fabulous. Don't you love to find a new hobby? I am on my iPod so your pics are too small for me to really appreciate but I am going to have a really good look after mom and dad go and I fire up my computer.

I will be looking for you later to set a time for our visit.


Anonymous said...

cute stuff....your mom is very talented

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Judy:)
Sorry it took me so long to get back over here.Seems there just isn't enough time in the day anymore to do all the things I would like to do.Have you noticed that too?:)
Thanks so much for stopping by again.LOVE your visits!!:)
I also LOVE your dolls.How cute and such talent too.I use to crochet Barbie clothes for my DD..but that didn't last long.Too small.LOL
I have crocheted a few doilies and that was interesting eyes didn't like straining to see that close with the string.I have crocheted blankets too.I will have to take some pics to show on my's been soo long since I have played with have got me interested again and I may just have to play some more soon.:)
I haven't been fishing in seems.That lake looks so peaceful!!ahhhh..I can feel myself relaxing now.:)
That Winter fair sounds so interesting.Whenever we have the State fair here..I LOVE to go look at the animals.:)
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!