Thursday, January 28, 2010

God Bless you Ladies now and throughout the year ...I know both of you will be honoured today...
To do this layout I used all my SIL Barb and her Mr.....creations ...and she is always giving them for free please stop by her blog and leave some love and pick up the hearts and buttons they have made for all of us to use.
Well here is a front veiw of the new look ...if you remeber a week or so ..our daughter cut her hair was down to her butt ....she felt she needed a change looks awesome ..


Barry said...

Nice looking hair cut too!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Judy:)
Oh how SWEET of you.Thank you so much.Love your layout too!!:)
I had my hair cut one time when it was down to my butt.Best thing I ever did.!! It was when Jimmy was a baby and when I went to check on him as he was sleeping.I noticed his finger was really red.So took a look and one of my long hairs had wrapped around his finger over and over again.I cut my hair short that day.:)It sure took a load off of me...literally and emotionally.:) Your DD looks she is thrilled with it:)
Hope you have a wonderful day my friend!!Thanks for the birthday wishes!!:)
Huge hugs!

Mrs. Miles said...

YES - your hair looks fabulous Sam! How does it feel? I think this was an amazing brave step for you. You are as gorgeous as ever.

What a beautiful layout Judy - tickled you used my elements and also thanks for the birthday wishes for Dezrae.