Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This awesome knitted triangle was made by my SIL Barb...she is so talented ..she will try any thing once and does a beautiful job. Thanks Barb ...I love it ....
Those angels sit upon it .....

Now here he is trying to do the stand and I can walk MOM....

Abi came for a visit ...we had her guitar so Patty and Glen stop by to pick it up...well the girls wanted to visit and Glen and Patty had shopping to do so I clicked a couple pictures while they were here.

When ever they came for a visit Hannah always wants to do a card for some one she is making Papa a card ...she is a sweety ....thanks for the visit girls
Now these two cats are Socks & Lily ..they are brother and sister ..
Socks loves to be petted and Lily not a chance .....she runs.

This is was good friend Melody ..she passed away ..the family had a service for her on this pass Sunday ... Pastor Andrew said a few words and then family members we will miss her.
But she is with her mom in heaven .....


Mrs. Miles said...

Glad you liked the little doily Judy - your picture makes it look so big! It's perfect under your angels!

Noway is that beautiful baby walking already - wow! No rest for mom now!

Love pics of the girls. They change every time we see them. Hannah is industrious like you.

Sorry to hear about your friend - it's always especially sad when it's due to illness at a young age.

Talk to you soon
love SIL

Sam said...

Well glad you got to see the girls ma all things considered.

Good job Aunty Barb on the doily....i need to learn how to crochet or knit. Then i would be making all sorts of cool little things for my little man.