Sunday, January 31, 2010

David....a brookie just for his girl Neti

Corey ...way to go
wow look at those brookies

David and his bro Bare

David to love those brookies...

A sink full of fish ...Bare is going to fillet them all ....

Ethan and Uncle David....

Corey ....Bare.....Ethan .....David

Uncle David...and Missy girl

David it was awesome the time we had ...can't wait to see you and Neti and catch some more of those awesome tasting fish ...

All our love ....David and Neti


Sam said...

Sure was awesome to see ya Uncle Dave and we missed you Neti. Thank you so much for tigger...Ethan's little jackets will look cute hanging on him.

Great job ma on the posting.

Mrs. Miles said...

What a WONDERFUL little video! Makes me almost want to brave the cold. I never realized what beautiful fish these are. Judy when the next catch comes along can you please take a MACRO close up of the texture of the fish please? SOOOO amazing.

Bet they are delish!

But handsomer than any old fish is my bruddies - bruddies and brookies they go together like kids and ice cream!

thank you so much for posting these pics and the video.

Loved chatting with you last night - so glad you can join us women of the church.