Friday, December 10, 2010

Last nights get together for dinner ...she wanted Red Robin's so off to the restaurant...her mom and sisters drove in for it and spend the night at our house. Her good friend Chelsey and Auntie Candy joined us to ... it was a fun time ..the waitresses song Happy Birthday give her some balloons ...we had brought an ice cream cake and it was brought out while they song to her with candles lited ...oops did not get a picture ...boy some days. But it was great for the end story ...we all were sitting and just chatting ..when papa said here I will get them to put the ice cream cake back into the freezer till we leave ...will no sooner did he get it lifted from the table ..when the cake started sliding ..and he could not stop it will guess where the cake was heading ...yes towards Auntie Candy's face...she looked up in time to see it coming and caught it and stopped it ...wish I had ..had my camera out around us just starting laughing ....what an ending to a great day ...
we all love you Missy ..


Mrs. Miles said...

Awwwww! What a wonderful celebration for your special day Melissa. I'm so grateful for all these family posts, for it feels a little bit like being able to be a part of your party.

LOL - about the cake, boy that's sure been an almost for us, in fact we had a little accident involving frozen cherries just yesterday and they were scattered all over and now the door, even though we have wiped it and wiped it - it ssssticks every time I go to open it up. Sheesh!

Makes for fun posts and memories though.

Love you
Auntie Barb