Sunday, June 5, 2011

 Did some one say Mojo Sunday ...guess not ...boy am I late Sunday and the new Mojo is tomorrow...
 my attempt...sorry I am so late ....and if you look close you will see the kupcakes are from SIL freebie on her blog ...she made them for me for my birthday ...I love them Barb.
This weekend I had the girls ...well when they are in town they love to hang out with Ethan here we go
 a hard day of swinging...and water fights .....relax...the sun to dry...Hannah
 I don't know if Abi ever slows down ....go and go
 Ethan figures I got the hose you girls are going to get wet....even Grama
 This Abi girl sure loves her Auntie Sam....
Now these next few flower pictures are again Sam's yard...with my Iphone.

see the bee.
Hope you enjoy the pictures ..have a great Sunday


Samantha said...

Your card turned out wonderful mom! Glad you were able to dig deep and get one done.

Ethan sure does have fun with the girls. K seriously i dont think you should blog my pictures as they are horrible...what happened?
Anyhow glad to have had you guys over.


Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Judy,

Sam thinks her pics are not nice? I think they are wonderful!!!

Thank you for using my KupKake - you always make my things look wonderful and it always tickles me to see them used in a hybrid project. Big hug!

LOL - them gorgeous grandbabies keep you running. Thanks for sharing their adventures.

Beautiful flower pics - you're getting the knack. I can never see enough flower pics.

I tried to catch you on chat today but when I said hello you vanished. Sorry to have missed you.


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy:)
LOVE your card!! Those tickets..are just the ticket to set it off.:) Love Barb's kupkakes too.So sweet of her to make them for your birthday.:)
I am behind again today.Catching up from my Sunday adventure.:) I prolly won't have mine until tomorrow.

The girls and Ethan look like they were having a blast. Sam looks WONDERFUL too.:)
Your Iphone pics turned out great!!Thanks for sharing them with us.:)