Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time to show off a bit of art work ...this is Abi's creation ...she loves to color and create....
and see who she made it for ....I loved Abi
 Now most of you know that I got these special letters ...they are on the freezer door ....there for all to [lay with or write a message ...this was how Abi arranged them all down the side of the door ...all but these very special girl...thank you .
Now this following creations are Melissa...yes she stepped out her comfort zone and took Art this year ...the first project actually is the dino below this screen printed flag ...I am so proud of you girl..awesome job...

I love this little guy ...he is so sweet ..
Just wanted to show off a few art things I will try to put that MOJO card together....have a great night


Samantha said...

Great job Missy and Abigail! You both did a wonderful job on your art projects :)
Thanks mom for sharing!

NOW GET ON YOUR MOJO! lol just kiddin :)