Saturday, June 25, 2011

 Well Missy girl dyed her hair ...the picture does not do it justice ...but the color looks good on her ...sorry no face picture ...she did not have make-up on yet...
 Hannah ---  Ethan   --- Abi
These kids sure have fun when they get together ...last night they all visited our place ....
 I have been trying to keep busy below are a few cards I tried.. to make ..
 the Tri-fold
 The Spring fold
 ...I was trying to make like a wedding looking card ...what do you think?
 Yes my garden ...the turtles look like they are having fun....
 the scarlet runners are blooming
 I love these flowers(forget there names..boohoo) do you know???? 
 and the Passion flower ...their blooms are so big ...
Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend ...make sure you stop by my SIL Barb's blog she has a freebie and check out the others listed in my Family and Friends...some great things to see...and even a recipe too.


Mrs. Miles said...

WOW - you've been a busy blogger my sweet SIL! I'll comment for both posts on this one, because I'm about to hit the bed for a nap!!!

Had friends over for lunch and did not sleep well last night. Catching up on me.

LOVE all your photos etc - Missy's hair is gorgeous, love the ringlets too. She probably looks darling WITHOUT makeup, but i would be the same as her. haha!

Your garden is fabulous, Judy you have such a gift of a green thumb. It would all die on me I'm afraid.

Your Mojo card and these latest - what can I say except WOW! they are amazing!! You really look polished and could sell these easily.

Love ya!


Samantha said...

Your cards are great mom! I really liked your spring fold one that is very cool and beautiful to....well they are all beautiful but i do really like the spring fold.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Judy.:)
Just popping in to say hi and see what's new with you.
I agree with Barb about Missy's hair.Looks really pretty from what I can see.:)I pic.LOL
Love your garden and the turtles are such a CUTE addition to it.:)I have all kinds of critters(statues)lurking in mine.hmm..I need more turtles.:)Your flowers are so pretty!! I have no idea what their names are unless you tell me.:)
Your cards are GORGEOUS!! How do you find the time for all that folding etc?..I am pushing it to be able to write to you just now.LOL


Uhooi said...

Wow,, This is a card that you created a nice, creative and interesting,,

Mrs. Miles said...

just checking to see if you mojoed yet!

♥ ya

Notes by Nina said...

Love the cards Judy, well done. The photo's are fabulous too. Have a great week.