Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Well the words in the picture should say it all...yes ...I started to put GAS into our new truck which is a DIESEL
Yesterday was the day I learned how pray and helping hands are there for us.
I want to Thank a fellow who with out his help ..I would still be there crying...
for the time he gave me and the phone numbers to get my truck back. If ever you put gas into a diesel truck ...
DON'T START THAT TRUCK(the cost to fix is WOW)
this fellow told me not to and to get the truck towed and have some one qualified to do it .
And I followed his the pictures you can see my baby being carried away.
The company who did the job got the truck in right away for me is funny today it was to have it's oil and tran fluids done .. so they started the job at the same time so this morning I had a truck clean and gas free....and My HUSBAND nothing but love and understanding ..thanks Barry XOXOXO
(Thanks to Bderkens for paper and doodle art flower)


patty said...

it happens........I am sure it was a good lesson learned

Mrs. Miles said...

Aw Jud - don't beat yourself up - I am sure its so easy to happen too. That was awesome of Barry to react with love, sure makes it a blessing, hey? You must have been just sick with worry. God was obviously protecting you. Hugs! PS, I love how you used my elements etc!